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Wooden Block Calendar with Metal Box

Wooden Block Calendar with Metal Box

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A holiday countdown calendar that's designed to help you celebrate various important days throughout the year. This is a fun and festive way to count down to special occasions. Here's a breakdown of what it includes:

1. **Holiday Blocks**: These are likely decorative blocks featuring the names or symbols of specific holidays. The mentioned holidays are:

- Christmas
- Birthday
- 4th of July
- Easter
- Thanksgiving
- Halloween

2. **Numbered Blocks**: These blocks probably have numbers on them. These numbers are likely used to count down the days leading up to each holiday. It allows you to start the celebration or preparation at least a month in advance for each holiday.

3. **Measurements**: The calendar's dimensions are given as 9½ inches in width (W), 3 inches in depth (D), and 4½ inches in height (H). This information is useful for determining where and how to display the calendar in your home.

Overall, this holiday countdown calendar seems like a charming and practical way to keep track of important dates and build excitement for upcoming celebrations. You can place it on a shelf or tabletop to add a touch of holiday spirit to your home decor.

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