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Haunted Halloween Candelabra

Haunted Halloween Candelabra

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    Spooky Celebrations with Our Haunted Halloween Candelabra!

- **Dramatic Design:** Crafted from durable cast iron, our Haunted Halloween Candelabra boasts a captivating and eerie curved shape, complete with intricate detailing. This exceptional piece is designed to leave a lasting impression and become the centerpiece of your Halloween decor.

- **Candlelit Elegance:** Light up to three taper candles on this candelabra to cast an enchanting glow that adds a spooky yet elegant touch to your festivities. Watch as the flickering flames dance, creating a captivating ambiance that will leave your guests mesmerized.

- Diameter: 5¾ inches
- Height: 11 inches

Make a bold statement this Halloween with a candelabra that exudes both style and spookiness. Whether it's adorning your dining table, mantel, or any other space, our Haunted Halloween Candelabra is the perfect addition to set the scene for a hauntingly beautiful celebration!

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