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Happy Harvest Wooden Banner

Happy Harvest Wooden Banner

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The "Happy Harvest" celebratory banner you've described sounds like a festive and charming addition to your fall decor. Here are the key details:

- Material: Sturdy wood
- Design: Features the words "Happy Harvest"
- Use: Ideal for celebrating the successful reaping of a year's hard work
- Hanging: Tied together with jute rope and equipped with looped ends on each side for easy hanging
- Measurements: The smallest part of the banner measures 35 inches in width and 4 inches in height, while the largest part measures 45 inches in width and 4 inches in height.

This banner offers a rustic and celebratory touch to your fall decor. The combination of sturdy wood, jute rope, and the "Happy Harvest" message makes it a visually appealing and festive piece. With its looped ends, it can be easily hung and displayed in your home or at your harvest celebration to commemorate a year of hard work and bounty.

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