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Happy Harvest Porch Sign

Happy Harvest Porch Sign

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The Happy Harvest Sign you've described is a wonderful way to add charm to your home during the harvest season. Here are the key details:

- Material: Wood
- Design: Features the words "Happy Harvest"
- Use: Can be leaned on a porch near a doorway or hung on a wall with its triangle hanger
- Textured Letters: The sign's letters have a textured design for added visual interest
- Measurements: 10 inches in width, ¼ inch in depth, and 47 inches in height

This sign offers versatility in how it can be displayed, making it suitable for both leaning near a doorway on a porch or hanging on a wall. The wooden construction and textured letters add to its rustic charm, making it an excellent addition to your fall decor. It's a substantial size, ensuring it can make a statement and create a warm and inviting atmosphere for the harvest season.

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