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"Amy Jennifer Collection" Ceramic Body Shape Vase

"Amy Jennifer Collection" Ceramic Body Shape Vase

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Enhance your living space with a delightful and artistic touch courtesy of this body-shaped vase. More than just a vase, it serves as a blank canvas for your imaginative expressions and doubles as a conversation starter that exudes happiness and creativity. Escape the confines of conventionality and allow your home decor to mirror your one-of-a-kind personality with this entertaining and enchanting vase.

Material: Ceramic

Surface Technology: Glazing
Process:White Vase- Colored Glaze, Spotted Vase-Sand Glase

  • Small: 4.92 inches (L) x 4.01 inches (W) x 7.28 inches (H)
  • Large: 7.87 inches (L) x 2.24 inches (W) x 8.03 inches (H)

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Vase * 1/Vase * 2




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