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"Sharond Collection" Elegant Votive Candle Holder

"Sharond Collection" Elegant Votive Candle Holder

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Exquisite and ornate candleholder design that exudes elegance. Whether it graces any corner, this stunning candlestick effortlessly brings forth a serene and tranquil ambiance. An ideal addition to elevate your home decor!

Material: Crafted from metal and adorned with crystal stones

Color: Luxurious gold finish

Package Includes:1 Piece Candle Holder

Approximate Measurements
4.33 x 7.87 inches / 11 x 20 cm
4.33 x 11.42 inches / 11 x 29 cm 
4.33 x 14.17 inches / 11 x 36 cm 


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