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Witching Time Canvas

Witching Time Canvas

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Tis' now the very witching time of the night! This hanging wall canvas embraces all things Halloween and will complete your spooky collection. It features a jute rope for hanging and wooden borders on each end.

1. **Design**: The canvas likely features Halloween-themed artwork or text that captures the spirit of the holiday. The description, "Tis' now the very witching time of the night!" suggests a spooky and atmospheric theme, which is perfect for Halloween.

2. **Hanging Mechanism**: The canvas comes with a jute rope for hanging. This makes it easy to display on your wall, door, or any other suitable spot in your home.

3. **Wooden Borders**: The canvas is framed with wooden borders on each end. These borders can enhance the overall appearance of the canvas, provide structural support, and add to the aesthetic of the Halloween design.

4. **Measurements**: The canvas's overall dimensions are given as 18 inches in width (W), 1 inch in depth (D), and 24 inches in height (H). These measurements are important for determining where and how to hang the canvas in your home.

Overall, this hanging wall canvas seems like a great addition to your Halloween decor collection, and it's designed to create a spooky and festive atmosphere during the Halloween season. It's a versatile piece that can be displayed in various areas of your home to enhance the Halloween spirit.

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