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Antiquite De Paris Wall Clock

Antiquite De Paris Wall Clock

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The "Antiquité De Paris Clock" is a charming decorative piece that can add a touch of the French countryside to your living space. Here's some information based on the details you provided:

- **Material:** The clock is made of wood, which can give it a rustic and natural look.

- **Color:** It features white and grey accents, which can evoke a vintage or shabby-chic aesthetic, reminiscent of the French countryside style.

- **Mounting:** To hang the clock, you can use its keyhole hanger. This makes it easy to display on your wall, creating a focal point in your room.

- **Battery:** The clock operates using a single AA battery, which is a common and easily accessible power source.

- **Measurement:** The clock's dimensions are 20½ inches in diameter and 2 inches thick. This size can make it a noticeable and eye-catching piece in your living space.

With its rustic wooden construction, white and grey accents, and French-inspired design, the Antiquité De Paris Clock can be a lovely addition to your home decor, especially if you appreciate the charm of the French countryside style.

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