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9X17X12 Willow Tin Washer Top Lamp Shade - Rustic Brown

9X17X12 Willow Tin Washer Top Lamp Shade - Rustic Brown

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The Willow design Tin Washer Top Lamp Shade in Rustic Brown offers a rustic and charming aesthetic for your lighting fixture. Here are the key details of this lamp shade:

- Design: Willow design
- Material: Tin with a Rustic Brown finish
- Shape: This lamp shade has a sloped, slightly conical shape.
- Dimensions:
- Width at the top: 9 inches (approximately 23 cm)
- Width at the bottom: 17 inches (approximately 43 cm)
- Length down the slope: 12 inches (approximately 30 cm)
- Included: A matching finial is included, which is a decorative and functional element used to secure the lampshade in place.

The rustic brown finish and willow design of the lampshade can add a rustic and natural touch to your lighting, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The varying width from top to bottom and the included finial make it suitable for a range of lamp bases and styles.

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